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Find a hurt, Heal it, Find a need, Fill it!


We appreciate for the privilege of your time in visiting our website. Our desire is focused on creation of wealth to entrepreneurs in the old fashioned way by providing new product what consumers want which are badly needed

This is done by utilizing our proprietary technologies. Pleased to say we have done this multiple times before for the benefit of entrepreneurs.

To be successful in any venture; obviously the entrepreneur must thoroughly analyze the product/project before start. We are committed to give full co-operation, 100% .

Building a successful long-term mutually prosperous relation requires not only hard works also honesty & ethical integrity. We are committed to this also, 100%.

Once in a while a noble invention changes the course of the History. Ancient Indian discovery of ‘ Zero ’ and decimal numbering system which was extensively used by Arabs in their Caravan Commerce changed the course of Commerce and Science. Further, the Indian invention of ‘ Inc ’ and Chinese Invention of Paper encompasses every facets of all modern Civilizations. The Arabs knowledge of navigation and mathematics based on Indian numbering system laid the foundation for future advancement in science. Similarly the Western World’s post industrial revolution high utility inventions accompanied with long painstaking and expensive “ Product Development ” + “Proprietary Intellectual Property ( IP ) Protection ” has resulted in changing the histories in their respective fields. Starting from I C Engines, Incandescent bulb, Gramophone, Telephone, Radio, Xerox , Computer, Internet etc. all have changed the way we live. In addition it has also brought tremendous prosperity to the Entrepreneur who commercialized those I.Ps. and made modern day living very comfortable for rest of us.



Dr. Shaam Sundhar

M.S., M.B.A., Ph.D


Former Sr. Professor in Electrical Engineering 


The founder/inventor/president of this 35 year old “ Inventions Oasis, Inc.” is a former Professor in Electrical Engineering. This inventor holds 16 granted Patents and many are pending. You can find more details in U.S. Government website ““ and using the patent ''#''. This mini R & D entity is based in Princeton, New Jersey, the home of Einstein, Nash, Harold Wilson, Edison, etc…


One of Inventor’s game changing invention was “ Kabin Kool ” ( Patent #6,453,678 ). Millions of Drivers on the roads park their trucks on freeway ramp or truck stops to take rest or sleep up to 8 hours. Kabin Kool is a mini Air Conditioner / Heater used by millions of 18 wheeler Trucks on the American roads.

This device keeps the driver’s cabin at a comfortable temperature either by cooling ( A.C.) or by heating ( Reverse A.C.). At the back of the Steering there is a small built-in Cabin. To keep this cool / hot, the 600 HP main Truck engine will be kept idling. On the average this wastes about 5,000 gallons of fuels per truck per year + wear & tear. In addition it creates monumental pollution. Using Kabin Kool, the truck driver can turn – off the engine ( NO IDLING ) thus eliminating fuel waste & pollution. One company in Chicago land area has commercialized this product

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Dispenses 3 kinds of refrigerated milks directly taken from the Milk containers as well as 3 kinds of loose sugars just by touch of a button.


Store brought milk containers are directly inserted in Sav – A – Lot with a custom made cap provided. Refrigeration is done by using NASA developed CHIP.

No compressor, condenser, etc are needed. In any business minimizing operating cost and Maximizing profit is the main goal.  Using an unique device if this goal is achieved then using such device is most prudent decision.  On top of this, if that unique device makes customers happy then that will be an added bonus.  Sav – A – Lot does this effortlessly.

In any business it is the supreme “Mantra“ to minimize operating cost and maximize the profits.  Using an unique device if this goal is achieved then it is highly desirable.  In addition, using such device it makes customers happy then that is an added bonus.  Sav – A – Lot does this job effortlessly.   On top of this, the amazing thing is its break-even point is 6 months or less.  Unheard of!

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