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Sav- A- Lot












This attractive compact device dispenses 3 kind of loose Sugars as well as 3 kind of refrigerated milks, all by just touch of a button.

Refrigeration done by Solid State Cooling Chip. Highly useful for Coffee Shops like Starbucks and fast food restaurants like McDonalds

Making maximum profit & keeping operational cost minimum in any business;

Is highly desirable.

In addition to this if any device that makes customers happy then that will be extremely good for business.

“ Sav – A – Lot ” does all the above, guaranteed.

· Instead of buying expensive packaged sugar, it dispenses inexpensive loose sugar. Also prevents any pilferage of sugar packets.

· No repeated filling and cleaning of milk flasks . Just insert the store brought milk container & discard when all the milk is dispensed.

For Customers : all these are done by just a touch of a button ! No more tearing & discarding packaged sugar paper packets ( Land pollution ).


· No more unscrewing the milk flask’s cap & screwing it back after pouring the milk into coffee.

· All dispensing are done by just touch of a button.

· No more accidents !

Break Even Point for businesses is just SIX months ! Unheard of in the industry. Also it makes an unheard of profit for the Investor / Entrepreneur

Smart Marketing

1. Request Business Owner how much he spends on Packaged Sugar per month ( Each Starbuck on the average sells about 450 Cups of Coffee every day )

2. If the amount is say $x. Then we can promise them that after they start using “ Sav-A-Lot ” their expense in the following month will be $X-500 on sugar alone. Because 1 pound of Packaged Sugar cost $15.00. Same pound loose Sugar cost mere $2.00 or less.

3. In addition to this there will be no more frequent filling & washing of Milk Flasks

4. Because we use all 3 kinds of loose Sugar, there will be no pilferage

5. Above all think the Convenience it brings to customers ! Just touch of a button dispenses selected Sugar & selected Milk. No more hassle of unscrewing flask, tearing the Sugar Package, etc.

LEASE: $300.00 a month . If they lease then 50% of lease amount will be credited towards purchase. OR Buy @ $2,995.00 ( Recovery in 6 months ! )

Our cost is unbelievably low, about 15% of its MSRP

If Leased then your monthly Cost : Amortize $2,995.00 over 30 months. Per month amortization amount less than $100.00 + Expenses $30.00 / month + $30 Royalty / Month

Total Monthly Expenses = $160.00 Monthly Profit / Unit = $ 300 – 160 = $140.00 Per Unit per month


IC Hot (Self Cooling / Heating Buffet food tray)


Sunny Cool ( 2 Issued Patents + 1 Pending )

When the driver enters the Car which was parked under hot Sun experiences a distressing heat blast which is almost unbearable. Also the belt driven mechanical compressor which keeps the Car A.C. running while driving is highly inefficient. This is the reason when A.C. is turned-on, gas mileage goes down drastically. Our unique high efficient D.C. electrical compressor is energized by Alternator while driving, and by battery while parked to keep the Car cool. No more heat blasts. Battery level is strictly monitored


Sunny Cool was displayed in ” Made in America ” expo conducted by Fed Govt in Doha, Qatar

SC-Pat3 (1).jpg

AquOgen ( Mineral Water and breathable Oxygen in one bottle)

All over the world the Oxygen level has considerably reduced from 38 % to present 21%. This is due to destruction forests and high pollution in the air. For healthy living, every cell in human body requires adequate amount of Oxygen.

Health conscious people, Athletes, air line Pilots etc. consume supplemental Oxygen every day. Seven Star hotels and Resorts keep Oxygen Cans in addition to water bottle. Use of Oxygen in 2020 is like use of water bottle in 1980. Today it has grown to $17 Billion, just in USA. Oxygen usage will explode in coming years. There are already thousands of Companies all around the world who market millions of Oxygen Cans every year ( Google: Recreational Oxygen ). Our Patented AquOgen product contains drinkable mineral water as well as breathable Oxygen in one convenient disposable bottle.


Heavenly Air (Air Purifier that fits to any Vent).

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