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This inventor holds 16 granted Patents and many are pending. This mini R & D entity is based in Princeton, New Jersey, the home of Einstein, Nash, Harold Wilson, Edison, etc…

Millions of products manufactured under IPRs of this Inventor are sold / selling in USA and elsewhere. However, there are TWO IPRs which Inventor feels most significant and he is proud about them. These two High Utility Products are called; First one Kabin Kool and 2nd is Kool Mule– Army Tank AC

Patent Registration # 6,453,678


Screenshot (110).png

One of Inventor’s game changing invention was “ Kabin Kool ” ( Patent #6,453,678 ). Millions of truck drivers on the road park their trucks on freeway ramp or truck stops to take rest or sleep up to 8 hours. During this time the driver keeps the main engine “on” idling to power A.C. or Heater. As per government regulations each truck driver must stop after 8 hours driving and must rest / sleep for 8 hours before resuming the driving.  They will enter this into a log.

Kabin Kool contains a mini AC / Heater energized by a separate rechargeable battery. This will be recharged when driving.

This keeps the driver of a 18 wheeler Truck sleep / rest up to 8 hours WITHOUT IDLING the main 600 HP engine. Before this, truck drivers in their long haul used to idle their engine to energize the main A.C. OR Heater wasting 5,000 gallons of fuel per truck per year.

Patent Registration # 12 / 336,709


Screenshot (113).png
Screenshot (114).png

Army Tank A.C. which works effectively under desert heat condition @ 130 degree F.

The major invention was done in the year 2007 was for Military Tanks. This Inventor successfully designed and built an A.C. for Army Tanks to keep the crew cabin cool. THIS WAS DONE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD. Until then no Army Tank had the A.C.. The reason for this are severe restrictions like space, power, and the extreme heat in the desert wars. Unlike in cold countries where most of the wars fought, in desert the A.C. is absolutely necessary. Starting from Kuwait war ( 1990’s ) to Iraq war, the U.S. Army tank manufacturers struggled for years to build the unit overcoming all these restrictions but were not successful. Working as a consultant; in a span of 4 months this Inventor succeeded in building a device which gave more than the desired result.

The given specs was to keep the crew compartment Cool at a temperature not exceeding 80 F ( 27 C ) when the ambient is 130 F ( 55 C ). But after installing the Kool Mule it brought this temperature down to 40 F ( 4.4 C ). Almost a Refrigerator temperature ! Please see their own tested results ( graphs )….

This newly designed & built mini A.C. called “ Kool Mule ” was installed in an American Army Tank at York, Pennsylvania Tank manufacturing facility.

Introducing Inventions Oasis’s avid Inventor

Dr. Shaam P. Sundhar

The founder/inventor/president of this 35 year old “ Inventions Oasis, Inc.” is a former Professor in Electrical Engineering.

M.S., M.B.A.,Ph.D

Former Senior Electrical Engineering Professor

I am Shaam P. Sundhar, Ph.D  a retired Electrical Engineering professor.  I live in this University town Princeton, New Jersey, USA.  This is Einstein’s Land !


From childhood I am tinkering with something or other and found solutions for many existing problems One example: In my village women were struggling to carry water on their head and shoulder from the source and walk a mile or two to their home. I started tinkering how to make it easy for the women to carry water from a faraway source

I used discarded tires and wooden pieces to make a “ Y “.  The used tire was placed at the center of Y ( fork ) and an axle was inserted for easy rotation. An opening was cut on top of the tire so that it can be closed tightly.  Water is filled through this opening and rolled easily.  This is just one example.


When I was 29, I created Inventions-Oasis.  I registered a motto “Find a hurt, heal it.  Find a need, fill it”

Due to lack of my entrepreneurial skills I kept on selling my IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) to other Entrepreneurs and Companies making them highly successful.  Millions of products manufactured under my IPRs are sold / selling like  Kabin Kool,  Micro Sun  etc ( Explained under “ Products “ )

Now we have some unique products which are badly needed which solve the existing problems. Products like Sunny Cool… Parked Car Air Conditioner ( Car parked under hot Sun gets extremely hot causing high discomforts when driver enters the car.   Sunny Cool solves this problem).  Please Click on “Products “

Extra ordinary opportunities exist for discerning entrepreneurs who are willing to analyze and if found positive then implement it to reap the astronomical benefits.

Why Choose Us?

If you are interested to build a highly profitable venture and solve the existing problem for millions of people around the world then you must read about our existing IPRs / Products.


In addition to worldwide exclusive licensing, the Inventor takes full responsibilities for all technical issues.  If asked, willing to help in mass production. This Inventor has done this before multiple times for other entrepreneurs.

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